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1:00 AM 1st April 2024

April Fools Day - Which UK Cities Are Home To The Biggest Jokers?


Each year on the 1st of April, people all around the world set out to play the biggest jokes or pranks on each other.

From fake proposals, to pretending you’ve been fired from your job, April Fools Day jokes can go from one extreme to another.

But have you ever wondered which cities in the UK are better at April Fool’s Day jokes than others? A recent study by the language learning platform Preply has revealed which cities around the UK are the wittiest, with Belfast coming out on top for its first-class comedy.

Those living in Northern Ireland’s capital voted sarcasm and irony as their favourite type of banter at 40%. A smaller but still significant 26% chose to poke fun at others in a lighthearted manner, and almost one in six (14%) voted a self-deprecating joke as the best banter.

Securing their spot in second place as one of the most banter-loving cities in the UK is Birmingham, scoring 94/100 in the report.

Brummies also favoured sarcasm and irony regarding bantering, with 34% voting it their favourite form of banter, whilst 24% preferred poking fun at others, and 18% loved a self-deprecating joke.

Leeds ranks as the third-best city for its top-notch banter, with a respectable score of 88/100.

Yorkshire folk living in the northern city rated sarcasm and irony as their favourite type of banter at 39%, whilst self-deprecating jokes and poking fun at others in a lighthearted manner were tied at 21% each.

See how the top 10 cities rank in the report:

City Banter Score (/100)
1 Belfast 100
2 Birmingham 94
3 Leeds 88
4 Brighton 82
5 Sheffield 76
6 Cardiff 71
7 Glasgow 65
8 Manchester 59
9 Bristol 53
10 Plymouth 47

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