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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
1:00 AM 24th February 2024

Chatting With Camilla K

Camillia K. Photo reproduced with permission
Camillia K. Photo reproduced with permission
Mixing pop and melodic rap over a reggaeton beat, this emerging artist is one to watch. Camilla K has already commanded the full attention of industry insiders with her unique and flawless mastery of multi-genre pop. Now living in London by way of Stockholm and Los Angeles, she is set to make a splash in the UK's talent-rich city as she releases her new music, laden with catchy hooks and melodies, high-calibre production, and strong lyrics. Camilla's latest single is the sassy and uncompromising Pretty Bitch Gang, and we caught up with her to learn a little more.

Hi Camilla, How are you?

I am doing great, thanks!

For those new to you, sum up your sound in five words...

Unique multi-genre commercial pop

Pretty Bitch Gang is your new single. Tell us all about it...

It's a pop/melodic rap song over a reggaeton beat. My own musical preferences had an impact on the creation of this unique combination (in English). Natti Natasha and Becky G are two Latin artists I would listen to and draw inspiration from. Then I infused it with my own unique flavouring, and Pretty Bitch Gang was created.

If you had to file it alongside two other songs, which would they be?

Ram pam pam by Becky G and Natti Natasha and 7 Rings by Ariana Grande

What are your biggest ambitions?

I want to build on the Pretty Gang brand. It's already an independent record label and an events company, and now I'm designing a clothing line. I wanted to create an umbrella for all my creative endeavours, and so I've already started building on that empire with this new drop! I also want to continue my children's charity work and help more kids with their musical education.

Have you got any upcoming live plans?

We're keeping it all under wraps! But I have some exciting shows brewing behind the scenes.

 If so, what is the Camilla K live experience?

The goal is to get everyone involved in the experience. So it's not just me dancing and singing, but all of us! That's why, during my first performance of Pretty Bitch Gang, I jumped off the stage and walked the 360° platform on the floor to make sure I involved everyone!

A single aside, what else does 2024 have in store?

First off, more music! I'm hoping to have a music video for Pretty Bitch Gang by summer. I also would like to drop my own clothing line soon (I used to design for other brands). And many, many more shows! So stay on the lookout!