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Andrew Palmer
Group Editor
1:01 AM 1st March 2024

Classical Music: Handel: Complete Violin Sonatas

Handel: Complete Violin Sonatas

Bojan Čičić violin
Steven Devine harpsichord

Delphian DCD34304

Croatian-born violinist Bojan Čičić, along with keyboard accompanist Steven Devine, presents a sparkling and eloquent disc of Handel’s complete violin sonatas.

I commented last year on his album of Bach’s solo sonatas and partitas Classical Music: Bach Partitas & Sonatas that Čičić was a skilled interpreter and used his baroque violin to great effect.

Nothing has changed, and these tremendous rhythmic performances are top-notch. Pure enjoyment and beautifully played with skill. 

Though better known as a virtuoso keyboard player, as a young man, Handel also trained as a violinist.

Čičić plays his 1703 baroque violin with such fluency and expressiveness; likewise, Devine on his 1756 harpsichord, of which he writes, 'I first came across this magnificent harpsichord at the age of twelve on a holiday to Kent from my native Yorkshire’. Gosh, I was more interested in my Action Man at that age.

The long lines are excellently articulated, with superb intonation and clean playing. The intricacies neatly observed in the ornamentation are splendid, and the duo makes it sound all too easy.

You will not waste a minute of the 66 minutes listening to such glorious and joyful interpretations.