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1:00 AM 22nd November 2021

Green Jumper Goes Global

Green Jumper, the charity set up to help mitigate climate change by hosting the annual event Green Jumper Day (26th Nov 2021), a day when all come together to turn down the heating, save energy, save money, wear a jumper to keep warm and donate to the Green Jumper causes has gone global.

Green Jumper was set up in his garden office by Alec Walton, who, inspired by his daughter Millie, wanted to make a difference, and leave the planet better than they found it. They set up the charity with modest aspirations of raising awareness about climate change, whilst hoping to raise enough money to fund the planting of some trees and to donate a few books to schools, but the power of social media has helped spread the Green Jumper message around the UK, across Europe and to the other side of the world.

Alec commented:
“I suppose it is quite apt that the charity has a global reach, after all climate change is truly a global problem, but we never expected it. We have organisations as far away as Australia and the USA, as well as businesses in the UK and across Europe all taking part, which is fantastic”

“We hope as many people as possible can get behind us, after all it’s simple enough for anyone to get involved, simply turn down the heating, save energy, keep warm and make a small donation”

Alec added:
“I’m not sure what they’ll be doing in Australia, as Green Jumper Day falls in their summer, so hopefully they’ll be turning down the aircon’, and taking off any jumpers!”

It’s not too late to get involved.

For more information about Green Jumper visit