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2:00 AM 6th August 2022

How To Look After Your Garden Fire Pit

Image by Kev from Pixabay
Image by Kev from Pixabay have shared their best tips for maintaining an outdoor firepit and keeping it clean.

Fire pits come in multiple different materials and the maintenance rules for each one differ slightly.

There are certain things that should be followed no matter the fire pit you own.

For example everyone should be covering their fire pit and putting out fires with materials like sand, not water.

Chris Bonnett founder of GardeningExpress said:
“Fire pits are really in this summer, everyone has one and they’re a great addition to the garden.

“Like all garden furniture, fire pits require maintenance and upkeep but it can be tricky to know where to start.

“There are a range of different fire pits - from gas and stone to copper and cast iron, so it’s important to know what works for each type otherwise you may use products that could damage your fire pit.

“There are certain things you should be doing to maintain your fire pit no matter what kind you own, one of the things we highly recommend is having a cover. This will prevent the weather from damaging your fire pit, meaning you can enjoy it for longer.”

How to look after your fire pit:

Always wait for it to cool down

No matter what fire pit you have, you’ll want to wait a couple of days after using your firepit before you clean it. This way you can be sure it’s completely cooled down before picking up any debris.

Remove coal before cleaning

Empty out your fire pit using a small hand held shovel and place the ashes into a bucket and cover it with a lid. Ash can contain hot embers which is why you should never touch ash. Failure to cover it could also result in an unexpected fire starting.

Cleaning a copper fire pit

If you have a copper fire pit, using warm soapy water will clean it just fine. Put on some gloves and get scrubbing. Try not to be too harsh and ensure you’re using a soft cloth to prevent any damage or scratches forming. Once clean, wipe it down with a fresh cloth to dry. It’s important that you fully dry the fire pit, leaving it wet or damp can result in the copper rusting.

Cleaning a stone fire pit

For stone fire pits you will need something a bit stronger - the experts recommend mixing water with a small amount of ​​muriatic acid and using this to gently scrub the fire pit. Muriatic acid is common for cleaning things like stone, brick and concrete. It must be used correctly, ensure that it never touches exposed skin and wear protective gloves when handling.

Cleaning a cast iron fire pit

Cast iron is a really popular choice for a fire pit because it heats up quickly and is a more affordable alternative to copper and steel. Similar to a copper fire pit, warm soapy water should work just fine for cleaning a cast iron fire pit. Instead of using a sponge, you’ll want to use steel wood instead.

Cleaning a gas fire pit

As you can imagine, you have to be incredibly careful when cleaning gas fire pits but the good news is they require a lot less maintenance than other fire pits. Use a damp cloth to wipe it down, then go in with a dry cloth to completely dry it off.

Avoid throwing plastic into the fire

Not only does throwing plastic into a fire create toxic fumes but it also requires more cleaning. The plastic will often melt and stick to your fire pit, resulting in more cleaning.

Cover the fire pit

It’s important to invest in the right cover for your fire pit to prevent it from natural damage caused by the weather,

Avoid putting the fire out with water

You may think water is the best thing to put out your fire, but too much can let off burning steam that could burn you. It could also damage your fire pit and lead to cracks as it causes its temperature to change dramatically. The best way to put out a fire safely is to throw small amounts of sand on the fire with a shovel.