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Phil Hopkins
Group Travel Editor & Theatre Correspondent
2:00 AM 3rd June 2022

Lithuania’s Undisturbed Nature – Adventuring In RV Luxury

RV camping in Lithuania_photo by Eglė Sidaravičiūtė-Jozonė
RV camping in Lithuania_photo by Eglė Sidaravičiūtė-Jozonė
Recreational vehicles and a desire to discover nature, have increasingly found themselves at the top of travel lists as people, eager to shed the softening restrictions of Pandemic Britain, go in search of space and wilderness.

As summer rapidly rolls out, lovers of the outdoors might well turn their gaze to the Lithuanian countryside, its undisturbed natural sights and the country’s 6000 lakes, tranquil rivers, and stunning woods.

Surrounded by majestic forests, Lithuanian campsites offer a variety of natural activities, such as lakeside saunas, berry and mushroom picking, and rural hiking trails for a truly Lithuanian summer experience.

The four campsites listed below all bring a unique twist to the RV experience — a blooming apple orchard of over 100 trees, an island hugged by water from all sides and even hippie influenced communities!

Here’s a taste of the Baltic country:

Nature escape on Apple Island
Apple Island near Molėtai (copyright Giedrius Akelis)
Apple Island near Molėtai (copyright Giedrius Akelis)
In the past, the dukes of Molėtai and Utena used to take their midsummer festivities to Apple Island. Situated in the heart of the Grabuostas lake, it presents a camping experience truly isolated from the rest of the world.

On Apple Island, RV campers will find stunning views of the water hugging the island from all directions, hundreds of apple trees that bloom with soft-pink pastels in late summer, and authentic, cozy wooden farmhouses.

Kayak enthusiasts may closely observe the evening sky reflecting on the glass-like surface of the lake Grabuostas, while the lakeside sauna features the subtle fragrance of local pinewood.


A tranquil lakeside retreat hugged by pine tree forests - The Pušelė Campsite
Camping in the Suvalkija region of Lithuania is for those who love a full forest immersion. Here, travelers will find walking paths that invigorate the senses with the smell of pine trees and provide a chance to rummage for berries or mushrooms, while staying in a rural homestead for a night of countryside tranquility.

For those seeking an experience unique to Suvalkija, the Pušelė campsite offers a stretch of land on the shore of the crystal-clear lake Vištytis, reminiscent of the times when Lithuania was the last pagan nation in Europe, worshiping nature.

A pagan altar for Baltic Gods and Goddesses hides in the nearby forest for those interested in connecting with Lithuanian heritage.


Blending Lithuanian heritage, hippie culture and nature - Sunny Nights Hostel & Camping
By combining traditional countryside architecture, handmade decorations that feature hippie iconography and nature's tranquility, some campsites have crafted a carefree atmosphere fit for a flower child.

One such example is Sunny Nights Hostel & Camping, which evolved from a century-old post office to a farmstead with a lush apple garden.

A hub for free spirits, it features a mud-clay bath on the edge of the local pond — a more natural substitute for the spas popular throughout Lithuania — and multiple fire pits for spending the night under the stars.

“Sunny Nights,” a yearly music, arts, and community event, is held on the grounds of the Camping & Hostel for travelers looking to hear Lithuanian folk music or taste the natural riches of the surrounding forests.

Only an hour away from the campsite lies the Hill of Crosses — a memorial to the indestructible Lithuanian spirit. With over 20,000 crosses piled on top of each other, the sight is an eerie representation of resistance — the hill had been desecrated three times during the Soviet era, yet was continuously restored by inhabitants and pilgrims.


A romantic escape into the fields of lavender - Lavender Village
Camping destinations in Lithuania are all teeming with a sense of romance — patches of fragrant wildflowers, open skies to watch the sun set into lakes, and nature untouched by humans can transport travellers into painting-like scenarios.

RV campers looking to park their vehicle in a site that feels otherworldly may look no further than Lavender Village. Only 28 km away from Vilnius, the capital, the quiet retreat is situated amongst fields of purple flowers, used traditionally in folk medicine.

The stunning views of the lavender fields are not the only sights that offer relaxation — the still waters of the Kiemeliai pond, which rests at the edge of Lavender Village, may be explored on rowboats and ease weary minds.

Campers may also try their hand at fishing and seeing the diverse marine life found in Lithuanian waters — including reams, carps, and perches.