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Jan Harris
Deputy Group Editor
9:00 AM 30th March 2024

Local Artist Is Finalist In Women Changing The World Awards

Shany Hagan is an Artist / Charity worker from York who has been selected as a finalist for the 2024 Women Changing the World Awards. She is a finalist in the 'Woman in Creative Industries' section.

The Women Changing the World Awards presented by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and Oprah Winfrey’s all-time favourite guest, Dr. Tererai Trent, celebrate and recognize women achieving outstanding success in areas such as sustainability, humanitarian work, leadership, advocacy, tech, product development, education, health and innovation.

The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who are leading the way in making the world a better place for us all and inspire other women to answer the call to take action.

Dr Trent’s vision for these awards is to empower women everywhere to reclaim their sacred dreams and call on women across the globe to unite and pave the way towards a better future for all. It can be challenging to create change in the world.

Dr. Trent explains:
“These exceptional women are here to awaken hearts, give permission to recapture dreams and inspire the women of the world to come together to forge a brighter path for all.

"The rise of women is the awakening of everybody. Shany is a single mum from York. She has dedicated the past four years to helping charities and individuals, raising £1000s for Charity by donating her artwork."

Shany Hagan gives this advice for others:
"It's so important for me to help as many people as possible in this world struggling with illness and financially and I am so proud of my achievements.

"In the last 12 months I have walked 1,000 miles for Breast Cancer, Parkinsons and WWF. I have helped over 60 charities locally and nationally donating my artwork."

Shany attributes this success to the help she received from the NHS at the beginning of her journey when she received eye-changing surgery and decided to start painting again. She is committed to continuing to make an impact through her work and her vision for the future is to help as many struggling people around the world.

The winners of the 2024 Women Changing the World Awards will be announced at the Women Changing the World Global Summit and Awards in London, United Kingdom on 25 May 2024.

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