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Jack Bottomley
Media Correspondent
11:00 AM 29th March 2024

Silver Screen Weekly - What's Coming Up At The Cinema From Friday 29th March

Our film critic and media correspondent has been looking and trawling the new releases. Here's what you can see on the big screen this week.

From Friday 29th March

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (12a)

Prepare yourselves for a new empire in the MonsterVerse! After almost destroying each other in their previous encounters, a new ancient deadly force from the depths of Hollow Earth emerges, forcing legendary Titans Godzilla and Kong to uneasily unite to save not only the order among all the Titans but the entire world. Director Adam Wingard's (Godzilla vs. Kong) new entry in the MonsterVerse is an exciting, bone-crunching, spectacle, which also has an emotional element to its story, as we see these legendary monsters of the big screen join forces for the first time ever, in a tribute to the monster mashing joys found in the kaiju cinema of old. Prepare yourselves for a monster-filled battle royal! Co-starring Rebecca Hall, Dan Stevens and Brian Tyree Henry.

Other releases:
Mary Poppins (PG) (60th anniversary re-release of Disney’s classic family fantasy, starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.) - Friday 29th March
The Lavender Hill Mob (U) (4K Restoration re-release of Ealing’s classic 1951 crime comedy starring Alec Guinness and Audrey Hepburn.) - Friday 29th March
Little Eggs: A Frozen Rescue (U) (Animated family feature that sees a family of chickens help a kidnapped polar bear cub return home to the South Pole.) - Friday 29th March
Disco Boy (15) (Drama about two strangers, from different backgrounds, forced into violent conflict.) - Friday 29th March
Drift (15) (Drama following a Liberian refugee on a Greek Island struggling to get by, who strikes up an unforeseen friendship with an American tour guide.) - Friday 29th March
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Opus (U) (Near wordless documentary film showing the late composer’s final musical performance at the latter end of his life.) - Friday 29th March
The Sweet East (18) (US drama looking at a high schooler senior’s often surreal journey.) - Friday 29th March
The Origin Of Evil (15) (French dark comedy/thriller about a woman attempting to reconnect with her wealthy estranged father and his new family.) - Friday 29th March
Silver Haze (15) (UK drama about a caregiver with a traumatic past who embarks on a relationship with a patient.) - Friday 29th March
We 12 (12a) (Cantonese action/comedy looking at estranged members of a crime fighting organisation forced into working together to steal an invention that could destroy the world’s ecosystems.) - Friday 29th March
Cidade Rabat (TBC) (Drama following 40-year-old woman’s reaction to her mother’s death.) - Friday 29th March