Cumbria Times
Weekend Edition
9:14 PM 30th October 2023

Storm Ciaran – AA Travel Advice

The AA is advising drivers to take extra care when navigating through hazardous conditions on the road as the Met Office issued several weather warnings leading up to and including Friday 3rd November.

Storm Ciaran is likely to bring strong winds with the possibility of heavy rain which is expected to cause travel disruption to some parts of the UK over the next few days. These conditions are expected to spread across southern England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Nick Powell, AA Patrol of the Year, says:
“Strong winds coupled with rain can make for some very hazardous driving conditions. Extra care is needed when driving near wooded areas, crossing bridges and passing high-sided vehicles and caravans. Particular care is also needed when passing cyclists and motorcyclists.

“Driving conditions can quickly deteriorate during very heavy rainfall, with drains becoming swamped or blocked and standing water causing problems such as surface spray, reduced visibility and potentially leading to flooding.

“Drivers and those on two wheels will need to take extra care when driving through surface water as this can disguise dangerous potholes on our roads and lead to vehicle damage, personal injury or even fatalities. The AA’s latest Pothole Index shows the deteriorating condition of our roads resulted in its patrols attending 47,223 pothole-related breakdowns last month.

“Check the travel news before you set off and take particular care where roads dip, for example under railway bridges, which are more likely to flood. If the road ahead is flooded, don’t chance it – flood water can be deceptively deep so turn around and find another route.”

AA members can check conditions on their route using the free AA app, which can also be used to find the cheapest fuel nearby, report a breakdown and get exclusive discounts at thousands of family restaurants and pubs.

More advice on driving in strong winds is available on the AA website.