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12:53 PM 28th September 2021

UK Fuel Supply: Drivers Should Try To Conserve Fuel To Avoid Queues At Petrol Stations

Image by Alex Fox
Image by Alex Fox
News today continues to report on panic buying and queues at fuel stations across the UK, as the Prime Minister faces pressure to prioritise key workers who need to re-fuel. Car Insurance Expert at Alex Kindred says:

“Queues at petrol stations are growing, so if you have fuel but you want to try to stay away from the garage, there are ways you can get that extra mile out of your tank. These include:

Going easy on the accelerator - Keep your driving smooth and use the highest, safe gear possible to use less fuel. What’s more, when you approach traffic lights, ease off the accelerator early if the lights are red. Why hurry up just to wait?

Avoid idling - Running your engine at idle consumes roughly half a gallon to about a gallon of fuel every hour, not to mention the carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere. Modern cars are more fuel efficient, so you’ll burn less fuel if you just turn off your engine than restarting when you need to move again.

Inflate tyres to the correct pressure - The surface area that’s in contact with the road increases when a tyre is under-inflated. The more surface area in contact with the road, the more drag on the wheel.”

“For more information on how you can make your tank go the extra mile before you next have to fill-up, our fuel-saving tips offers plenty of ways to help improve your fuel economy.”