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NASA Picture of the Day: NGC 7822 in Cepheus
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Hot, young stars and cosmic pillars of gas and dust seem to crowd into NGC 7822. At the edge of a giant molecular cloud toward the northern constellation Cepheus, the glowing star forming region lies about 3,000 light-years away. Within the nebula, bright edges and dark shapes stand out in this colorful telescopic skyscape. The image includes data from narrowband filters, mapping emission from atomic oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur into blue, green, and red hues.
Watch Iconic Fusion Energy Machine’s 100,000th ‘Pulse'
Historic fusion energy milestone achieved by UK Atomic Energy Authority machine in close collaboration with EUROfusion. Joint European Torus (JET) is largest and most powerful tokamak in the world. Fusion energy is crucial in addressing climate change through safe, sustainable and low-carbon energy supply.
Asteroid Flybys Over the next 7 Days
NameDateMin Dia. (m)Max Dia. (m)Rel. Velocity (mph)Miss Distance (miles)
(2019 NE2)20th Jan16035838,40722,589,612
(2018 BP)20th Jan20445710,93744,174,700
(2010 BK2)22nd Jan10523643,62817,797,152
85990 (1999 JV6)22nd Jan24655251,86540,806,659
(2021 PT)23rd Jan11024714,59025,648,400
(2016 AZ8)23rd Jan16035834,89220,420,599
(2022 AY1)24th Jan10623833,24222,581,792
(2005 LW39)24th Jan26459138,73345,892,257
438955 (2010 LN14)24th Jan16336417,85329,767,137
7341 (1991 VK)25th Jan1118250019,4865,947,044
(2019 CH1)25th Jan16737550,2666,704,041
(2019 AG13)25th Jan11024754,19132,390,512
(2012 VE46)25th Jan24254225,08839,470,449
455184 (2000 ED14)25th Jan18341129,89935,691,319
250680 (2005 QC5)26th Jan31570431,65838,396,912
(2019 OR1)27th Jan17038024,84538,823,174
(2000 QV7)27th Jan13931165,00439,518,707
264357 (2000 AZ93)27th Jan16336626,00813,284,727
(2021 NT1)27th Jan17839940,80123,791,430