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Weekend Edition
7:00 AM 4th May 2022

Tenerife Hosts 5th ‘Vuelta al Teide’ This Weekend

Tenerife will host the fifth edition of Vuelta al Teide this coming Saturday (7th May), giving super fit cyclists the chance to show their prowess!

This non-competitive event aims to bring together cyclists from around the world and showcase the island’s credentials as a firm favourite for two wheel enthusiasts.

The iconic Gran Fondo cycling event starts at 7am from the northern town of Puerto de la Cruz, where it will also finish.

The programme will have two categories: ‘Vuelta al Teide’, featuring 175km and 4,400 metres of gained altitude; and ‘Half Vuelta al Teide’, with 95km and 2,000 metres of gained altitude.
Participants have the choice to select one category upon registering their participation for the event: costing €65 (approximately £54) for ‘Vuelta al Teide’ and €55 (£45) for ‘Half Vuelta al Teide’.

Some of the highlights of Vuelta al Teide are the exhilarating experience of the gained altitude of the picturesque mountain village of Masca (11.3% average gradient) and to cycle up to 175km through the most spectacular scenery of the island, including around the UNESCO-listed Teide National Park.

Tenerife has become a firmed favourite for cycling enthusiasts due to the island’s exceptional conditions for road cycling: plenty of routes to choose from, high altitude (cyclists can go from sea level to an altitude of 2,000 metres in barely 30km) and great weather (annual average temperature of 22 degrees).

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